I'm not much for bragging. I think you should do something to do it, not to brag about it afterwards.

 But since most of you don't know me, I should show something for my resume.

I have known a City Building Inspector for 10 years and the Mayor of a neighboring county, and I was an Alberta Government Courier for 5 years. Overall I have a good idea of what goes on in politics.

And these. Even people that have known me for years probably haven't seen this stuff.

A Letter From the White House

  I've been contributing to charities since I was a teenager. Later I became more involved with childrens charities. Finally I become involved with Civil Rights and Human Rights causes and spoke out, complained, and created websites on these matters.

  I don't know the destiny of Humanity, but it seems sensible to assume that we all have to get there together. We can't leave anyone behind, or we won't get in, no matter how much we knock on the door.
  So after a decade of this I guess I was noticed. I was surprised to get six emails and a letter from the White House of the President of the United States.

 The emails spoke more about the health care service that was being planned. My answer basically asked why there was always money for hurting but not healing, said that most of the top countries already have some sort of healthcare and it hasn't slowed them down, and that it would make the next generation stronger not weaker.

 And the bill was passed. So I did my bit to expand Human Rights and health for hundreds of millions of people.

 And I didn't make a dime off it.

 I mentioned before that I was a writer and that I spent some time in hollywood trying to sell scripts. I was a little naive thinking that talent would win out, when it is politics there as well.
 But I did eventually find a producer interested in a script of Albert Johnson. She said I would get $500,000. for it. Then her daughter was murdered in Vegas and her son died in Canada. After that she kind of went away, and I didn't have the heart to whine about the deal to her. So I never made a dime off it.
 But before that Sir David Suchet OBE signed a letter of intent to play A.E. Eames, Johnsons nemesis. A letter of intent means his name could be used to get backers. He would have been good. He even looked like him. Sorry David, maybe next time.

  I've been involved in census and elections for the Feds, Province, and the City. For a few years I was a City of Edmonton Census Area Supervisor. This meant I was in charge of Census Workers, helped them with problems, dealt with complaints, and checked their work at the conclusion.
  After it was finished I asked 6 of them to evaulate me. 2 didn't respond, 3 wrote letters, and 1 said to phone for a reference. She probably didn't mean the entire internet though.
[and no, I don't work for census/elections now, they wouldn't cheat for me, and it's all computerized anyway.]