Shaw Speech September 28 2010

I'm Terry Rolls. I'm a candidate for Councilor in Ward 7. My Platform is Quality of Life and Peoples Rights.

I have lived most of my life here and did 12 years of school in Ward 7.
I have done many years of government work in many areas. I had a summer job as a city garbageman for 4 years. I was an Alberta Government employee and a NAIT Staffer for 5 years. I have worked Census and Elections for the Feds, the Province, and the City, on the street, at a desk, as an Area Supervisor, and in various government offices. Politics is new to me but government is not.

There's been a lot of talk about these mega-projects.
I think the arena is just another rich mans toy paid for by poor people. And then the rich charge the poor to attend and keep the profits for themselves.
When the poor ask for money it's welfare, but when the rich do, it's economic development. It's time for the rich to stop asking for handouts and pay their own way. Both Vancouver and Houston have new stadiums paid for by billionaires. Ours should be the same.
I live nearby the current arena, and wouldn't miss the traffic problems, but I can't support a replacement just for that. What's the real benefit here to us?

The other big topic is the Muni. Some want an airport. Some want an industrial area. Some want 60,000 units. But all of them have a financial stake in the choice.
I want what's best for the people of Edmonton. And I mean in the long term, not just some construction project that builds a big problem that we have to live with later. This will take careful consideration and should have input from everyone who wants to be involved.
And what about the new traffic? With NAIT, the bus barns, and businesses, how will traffic get in and out, and how will it affect the traffic problems in the area? And how much extra will the roads cost?

Such things as the LRT and libraries can at least be a benefit to all Edmontonians. Things like these mega-projects are just another in the series of things that are supposed to "get us on the map for sure". But getting on the map never helped the average person.

Other candidates keep speaking about the mega-projects they want downtown or at the airport. I think that a ward candidate should be looking for projects in their own ward. Ward 7 has many empty lots and closed businesses. It only has major malls at its' edges. The Yellowhead/Gretzky interchange has been delayed for years, and right beside it is an immense overgrown lot that is seen by visitors to Edmonton. Overall, there are plenty of projects in Ward 7 that Ward 7 candidates should be thinking about.

Ward 7 is at a Tee in the road. It can turn down a one way street toward slum conditions, absentee landlords, empty lots, neglected neighborhoods, and closed schools, and will end with it becoming a depressed area that never recovers.
Or it can take the high road, and revitalize itself, attract families and become whole again.
It's all about Quality Of Life and Human Rights.