Voting Day for the Edmonton Civic Elections is Monday October 18 2010, between 9am and 8pm. This for Mayor, Councillors, and School Trustees.

Some people say "don't vote, it will only encourage them!". I think the opposite is true. If you don't vote, they'll say you don't really care about it, and they'll do what they want.
  In the last election the average voting station had around a Twenty Percent turnout. A few had Thirty Percent. Three areas had Zero Percent. Zero! Not one person there could find a reason to vote.

  You have to exercise your rights. If you want to keep your body in shape you need to go to the gym. If you want to keep your mind sharp you need to use it. It's the same with your rights. You have to exercise them or they'll be worthless.

  Many times all the choices seem the same. But you can only vote for the people that run. Maybe there should be one extra choice in every election - "None Of The Above".

The Advance Vote for Ward 7 is held at Montrose Community League 5920 119 Ave. on Oct. 9th and 16th from 9AM to 4PM..
You can also vote at City Hall from the 4th to 16th, or get a Special Ballot over the phone; 780-442-8683


 Norwood Elementary School  9520 -111 Avenue
 Delton Elementary School  12126 - 86 Street
 Delton Community Hall  12325 - 88 Street
 St. Matthew Elementary School  8735 - 132 Avenue
 Glengarry Elementary School  9211 - 135 Avenue
 Northmount Elementary School  14020 - 88A Street
 Londonderry Community Hall  14224 - 74 Street
 St. Vladimir Elementary School  7510 - 132 Avenue
 Princeton Elementary School  7720 - 130 Avenue
 St.Gerard Elementary School  12415 - 85 Street
 Eastwood Community League  11803 - 86 Street
 Parkdale Community League  11335 - 85 Street
 Virginia Park Senior Citizens Lodge  11033 - 76 Street
 Montrose Elementary School  11931 - 62 Street
 Mount Royal Elementary School  11303 - 55 Street
 St. Leo School  5412 - 121 Avenue
 St. Bernadette Elementary School  11917 - 40 Street
 Lawton Junior High School  11602 - 40 Street
 Rundle Elementary School  11005 - 34 Street