Speech Candi[date] Forum Grant MacEwan

I'm TERRY ROLLS and I'm running for CITY COUNCILOR in WARD 7.
In many ways the youth of today have the same challenges as the young always did. As you escape childhood you wonder about your place in the world. What job is for you? Or maybe a career. What partner for you? Or maybe marriage. An apartment or a house? A Plan, or just drift along? Forty years at one job or a few at several? Your challenge is to find your place in the world, to be the best you can be.

The other challenge is seeing the world around you. And I mean to see it clearly. To see what they tell you versus how things really are. To be able to see why they are really saying something. Soon you realize that so many people and so many groups are just lying to use you for their own benefit.

It started with Santa Claus. It was innocent enough and rewarding, but on the day you realized he was fake, you saw how stupid the whole thing was. How could a fat guy get down a chimney, and have presents for everybody? It was so obvious after you realized it.
But what you need to understand is that these stories will be told to you many different ways for the rest of your life. One half of any story will convince you one way, and the other will do the opposite. Your challenge is to see it and react to it for YOUR own benefit, and the benefit of others.

Politics is one of the things that can be the best, and the worst, in your life. Politics has enabled people to rise up and group together for better Human Rights and Quality of Life.
It has also brought about the worst oppression and suffering in the history of the World. Most great civilizations weren't conquered. They fell apart from the inside. Your challenge is to see that it doesn't happen to this one. Your challenge is to defend your Rights, as well as build a Life.